Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tom Brown Park, Tallahassee, Florida

I am always amazed when visiting new areas at all they have to offer. The Tom Brown City of Tallahassee Park was HUGE! I don't just mean big, I mean HUGE! The playground was wonderful and had a variety of climbing apparatus's, swings and slides for varying age groups and most of it was inclusive and wheel chair accessible.

My girls loved the sway fun boat. Aayla is practising for roller coasters as you can see.

One of the slide areas.

A roller slide.

Climbing high on the spider web.

There were also many, many, trails here for biking and mountain biking. Ian took Sierra on a mountain bike trail while Aayla and I stayed on the paved paths.

I had hoped to go back and take some more pictures of the facilities but the remaining free days we had in Tallahassee were raining so we didn't make it back. This park offers so much. All the usual's like baseball diamonds and soccer fields but also a dog park, remote control car tracks, sand volleyball, disc golf course and so many different types of bike trails.

We were glad to have found this park and when we visit Tallahassee again we will explore more of this park.

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