Monday, February 15, 2016

Fun at Fort De Soto Campground

First off I must say I LoVed our time at Fort De Soto Park Campground. I was fortunate enough to get a reservation here last minute. Someone's cancellation I surmise as everyone says this park is extremely hard to get a reservation for and I spent all day clicking and re-clicking to get in.

We were in site #88 in the pet friendly side of the park. We have no pets but I took whatever space became available to get in. This site was along the road side but it was still pretty quiet as the only traffic going by was park traffic. Considering the toll to get here with the camper is $3.75 ($1.25 without the camper, people only come here to visit the park which does have a parking fee of $5.

Before Ian and I had the camper set up the girls had already found some lizards.

 Every where we go Sierra catches lizards(or frogs and toads) to observe for an afternoon or two, and then we let them go.

 Once in awhile they surprise this one jumps into her hair.

Aayla likes the lizards too but not nearly as much as Sierra. Sierra is a true animal lover. Aayla carefully holding the lizards before letting them go the next morning.
We couldn't find any food to catch them and we never want to harm any of the creatures they catch to observe. This is a learning activity for us and we always respect the wildlife.

This camp ground was so peaceful. We loved that we had an area behind our site where we could put up the hammocks with our tree hugger straps. Both girls spent a lot of time in the hammocks.

We spent a lot of time bike riding here too. The roads were all gravel but well maintained and easy to ride on.

There were two great playgrounds. This one on the pet side,

And this one on the non pet side.

There were lots of trees to climb and natural beauty everywhere you look.

Some site had water views. I would love to try to get a water view site. They were about $5 more a night but well worth it in my opinion.
Inlet View
Ocean side view

All this and we haven't even left the camp ground yet...there's more to come!
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