Friday, February 19, 2016

Fort DeSoto Park, East Beach Walk, Florida

One of my favourite days in Fort DeSoto park was actually a day when I went by myself. Rarely do I ever go anywhere without the kids but neither of them wanted to come with me and I really wanted to get out to the beach one more time before we left. So I headed to East Beach...ALL by myself!

When you arrive you hit the playground first from the parking lot. It was another great playground with lots to do and shade covers for those hot days.

 There are lots of reserve-able covered picnic areas for your use and nice clean washrooms near by.

The beach was pretty quiet. Not like those on the bigger more famous beaches. This beach was nice and calm and natural.

There were alot of birds to be seen, collecting some diner a long the shoreline...

Or relaxing on the water waiting for their dinner to swim by.

There were so many Ospreys. I saw many nests and even a couple Ospreys with their dinner caught in the talons.

There were many butterflies but only this little guy posed for a picture.

There were other birds too.

It seemed so surreal to see these guys flying free. They certainly aren't seen in the wild at home in Canada.

Then I took a walk to the pier. I love that there are opportunities for people to fish without the required fishing license.

On another trip I'd like to take the ferry over to Egmont Key. I passed on it for this trip since we will be going to Sanibel Island in March and I have to save something for the next time we are in the area...right???

I really enjoyed my walk out all alone for a change. I love having my girls to explore with me but I do need to do this alone more often when they choose not to come. It was a beautiful way to spend our last day in Fort DeSoto Park. Have you visited here before? Did you enjoy it as much as I did?

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