Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day trip to St Petersburg Beach and Clearwater's Pier 60, Florida

We took a day off from exploring Fort De Soto and headed to St Petersburg. We hit the St Pete's Beach first!

 The water was freezing cold still in February but that never ever stops Aayla.

Sierra kept herself occupied with my phone while Aayla swam/played. The water was way too cold for Sierra and I can't say as I blamed her. The sun was warm and it looks deceiving because that water was so chilly!

 Aayla did get cold after about half an hour and then made some sand castles.

 And it was just as much fun crushing her castle like a giant!

Next we headed to the Children's Museum (but I will leave that for a separate post) before we went to Clearwater Pier 60 to meet up with some friends, we met at the Rally, for dinner.

We arrived at the beach a bit early so we headed to Pier 60. I never tire of these beautiful umbrellas that line the pier for the vendors.

While we waited Sierra had a turn on the big blow up slide. Aayla tried but it was a bit too much for her so she went on the bouncy house instead. The guy working let Sierra go in with her too. 

Then our friends arrived!

We headed to the playground. 

While the guys and kids watched the buskers for a bit, Wendy and I went to see the sun set.

 Then it was time for some food! We went to Crabby Bills just across the road from the pier.

A bad selfie of us all but a memory of our evening at least! Thanks for coming out to meet us Wendy and Cade! It was great to see you all again!

A fun day at the beach, pier and visiting with friends!

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