Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Todays moments at mom's cottage and a foggy walk at Clam Beach Provincial Park

Todays moments from mom's cottage...

Size 8 mens problem!

Enjoying a snack while planning the reno's :)

Lost in thought of what it all can be :)

Wild Iris's by the watersedge

New Growth emerging

The view infront of the trees

Loving the rope swing...but we didn't love
the rocks under it so we moved it :)

Save me from the waves Grammy Sue

I won't get wet mom...I promise...would this face lie?

Sinking where the river meets the ocean

Loving being knee deep in muck and
 trying hard not to get too wet

Lost the pants...

Opsy daisey!

Long lost lobster trap

Dragging home her prize

Bunchberries along the walkway from the interpretive centre

Love this little moss covered stream

Wild Iris
We are enjoying the peacefulness of mom's cottage and nearby beach :)
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