Monday, July 4, 2011

Prince William and Kate...visit Prince Edward Island and yes we saw them

We heard yesterday that Prince William was visiting PEI so we headed back into Charlottetown in hopes of seeing them. While driving through DeRay (Where Prince Wiallam and Kate will be in the afternoon) the streets were lining up with people already but I was too  preocupied with photos of the helicopters that I didn't get any pictures of the lines.

We headed to Walmart to park for the night and got up, got ready and we arrived at about 7:45 am and the streets were already filling up with people waiting for the 10:30 am visit. We managed to get a pretty good spot to watch them come by in their carriage. There was no hope of getting anywhere near where they would be greeting people. Apparently people lined up there at around 3:00 in the morning.

Province House where they will greet people

Security up on the roof

The crowds forming near Province House

Aayla and I walked to find coffee and timbits.

From where we stood we counted 30 officers at any given time.

This member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
came over to Sierra and posed for a picture :)

Look here they come!

This is the officer who came over for a picture and as he rode by he said,
 "hey I got my picture taken with you" to Sierra and she was so pleased he remembered her.

Some people getting a better view from the roof

Thanking the performers

Aayla had enough...she'd rather play.

Sierra was quite happy though ;)
 Luckily the rain held off until they were leaving. Their motorcade drove by where we were parked.
All in all we were pleased with our sightings and are glad we made it back in to Charlottetown to see them. From here we were going to go find another beach for the afternoon and night but since it was raining we decided to head to the ferry straightaway and get over to Grammy Sue's new cottage :)
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