Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our time in Kingston, Ontario

We left NS and said our goodbyes to family and friends...and to out of this world milk prices! The maritimes was horrible for the price of milk. In BC we pay $3.59 for 3.6L (1 gallon jug). In PEI we paid $6.59  which we thought was high but since it's a ferry trip over it made sense...I guess. Then we went to Nova Scotia and had to pay $7.83!!! Not sure why NS is even more expensive since they produced their own milk! Lets just say we were glad to be back in the States and paying only on $2.25 as we drove across to Ontario and once in Ontario their 4L bags of milk are about $4.59...there's my rant for the day!

When we left NS we left later then planned and stopped for the night again at a highway pull off close to the border in New Brunswick. We crossed the border with about a 10 minute wait and only a couple of questions and were off. We drove all day and stopped in Vermont at a little pull out on the side of the road. The road wasn't too busy so it was pretty quiet.

In the morning we got up and drove until we were in New York State, just below the Kingston border. We had plans to meet my uncle the following day so we stopped early at a roadside rest stop overlooking the river and 1000 island area. It was so pretty. There were no signs posted saying no camping or no overnight parking so we decided to give it a try and sure enough we didn't have any problems and we stayed there from about 4pm until the following morning.

The girls rode their bikes (scooter and trike) and Aayla is finally learning how to pedal. Usually she scoots her feet on the ground to move, but now had figured out that she can push forward for 1/2 a pedal, then reverses it and does a 1/2 pedal again and she slowly moves forward!

 In the morning we got up and looked for a sani dump and found one at a state park just up the road from where we stayed the night. It was a beautiful little park with many sites along the rock formed shore. We had to pay $7.00 to get into the park but that allowed us access to their dump station and gave us a spot to get rid of our garbage.

Then we were off to Kingston...with another smooth border crossing and met Uncle Marty and his son Jason at Denny's for lunch. Sierra and Jason had a lot of fun drawing pictures during lunch and it was good to catch up with Uncle Marty as I haven't seen him in about 15 or 16 years! We had planned on only staying for the day but decided to spend acouple nights in Kingston so we could see Auntie Karen and Amanda too. Also Uncle Marty is a real estate agent in Kingston and offered to get some properties together to show us the following day (we are considering buying land in Ontario to build our earthship because it is cheaper here then in BC and the lakes are supposidly warm and more usable then in BC)

Uncle Marty suggested a nearby RV park so off we headed to get a spot. We enjoyed the pool while we waited for them to come by and visit us after Auntie Karen got home from work and Uncle Marty had time to get some properties together for us.

Sierra is doing a fantastic job at getting her face wet in the pool. She jumps in, goes under, gets soaked and comes up OK and doesn't run away screaming anymore. She has learned finally that pool water doesn't hurt her eyes like salt water and is doing great in the water now.

A lady at the pool saw the girls with their Ariel suits
and brought them over an Ariel book that her daughter didn't want.

Trying to swing on the bars

This is the smartest set up I have seen for an older slide.
All kids LOVE the big slide but this way there is
no worry of a big fall.

Ian shaving outside with the truck mirror :)

We had a great little visit with Uncle Marty and Auntie Karen and the girls had so much fun playing with Amanda.

Uncle Marty and Auntie Karen

The next day we got up and went to look at some properties to get a better feel of Ontario land/prices to have a better idea then comparing BC to the Muskoka's where we are interested in land.

We saw one peice I really liked. It was 187 acres and had 1/3 ownership to a lake. The only drawback was it had a hydro easement near the roadfrontage of the property line in the hayfields. Once back by the lake it had more small hills and you could get out of site of the hydro lines and it was so pretty.

We saw a couple other properties but the other one I liked was swarming with horseflys. So much that we couldn't take the time to try to get back to find the lake access.

Ian swatting the flies away as we try to walk around the property


The horseflys/deerflys were CRAZY! As we drove away
 swarms of them followed us. There would be no peace at this property!

We got to spend another night visiting with Uncle Marty and Auntie Karen after looking at the properties and then we were off in the morning to go see my dad...Wasgag we come!
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