Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rideau Acres Campsite REVIEW

While in Kingston we stayed at Rideau Acres Campground. You can see their map for better directions on their website above but it is located on Cunningham Rd off of Hwy 15, only 1 mile North of exit 623 on the 401. 

Value 2.5/5
For us we prefer to have less and pay less when we are just passing through or have other things in the area to do. We paid $45 per night to camp here. It is a Passport America site however they do not allow discounts in the July and Aug. At 1/2 price this rating would be higher as the park did have lots to offer but we are not typival RV park people so paying $45 per night just about kills us!

Site Quality 4/5
Our site was level, full hook ups, mature trees, small fire pit and a picnic table available. There were many year round trailers here which were all taken care of nicely and not used to just store stuff as we have seen in other year round places.

Facility Fun 4/5
With swimming, mini golf, banquet hall, playground, volleyball nets and lots of different boat rentals available the park had a lot to offer. We were just using it as a place to sleep while visiting relatives so it was pricey for us but if you want a vacation place, Rideau Acres would be a good destination. There is also a campstore and I think laundry facilities too.

Natural Surroundings 4/5
Beautiful mature tree, grassy lawns and nicely landscaped, lake access and pond on property made it a very beautiful place to stay.

Bathrooms ???
They have them and have hot showers available I believe for free however we were busy with family that I forgot to check them out. I didn't see bathrooms by the pool but they might have been on the other side of the building???

Staff 3/5
The staff at the store was pleasant enough when I went in to ask about Wifi and campfire wood ($8a bundle). The staff at the entrance gate all 3 times I went there seemed a bit frazzled. Each time I went she was occupied on the phone and it would ring again while there so I guess the place gets quite busy. She could maybe use some help at the registration booth during busy times. She was friendly enough she just seemed flustered a bit.

Location 4/5
At less the 10 minutes from Kingston it's location worked well for us. Kingston apparently has lots to do but to be honest we were just there to visit family and didn't venture into Kingston at all.

Overall 3/5
For a weekly getaway for locals this place is great. My uncle used to have a seasonal trailer here for years and found it a great way to get away, yet be close enough to home that he could run to work if he needed at the spur of the moment. There is lots to do and it had a community feel to it for the seasonal residents who all know eachother. It was too expensive for us for a 2 night stop over ($90) to visit family (they had no room to park our 56') and look at some nearby acreage. Also the wifi was a problem for us. The park does offer wifi but you have to go up to the little room off of the store to use it. It does not extend to the campsites. Personally for $45 a night I think wifi should reach to each site. The other thing that bugged us is visitors to the park have to pay a $5 entrance fee.
Our site E8 from the edge of the next site. Nice grass area for the
girls and nicely shaded with mature trees.

Looking into our site, lots of trees around

Looking down the road. Nightly spots to the left and year round trailers on the right

Some of the other sites in the campground

This is the banquet hall and the pool is right behind it where the bike is parked :)

This is the store and the building closest to you is the internet cafe area
Playground which the girls had to themselves most of the time
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