Thursday, August 4, 2011

Long weekend camping in London

We've been living in our trailer since we set off on our maiden voyage on April 17th but yet going "camping" with friends is still so much fun!

We left Wasaga Beach and spent a couple days at Heather and Ed's in Orangeville.
3 very imaginative girls having a tea party outside

Dinner is served!
Aayla took good care of daddy,
wrapping him up in a blanket of silkies :)

Aayla and Nella had a grand time playing in the puddles and getting each other muddy :) Sorry Nella, I think Aayla won that one.

Then headed off to London to go camping for the long weekend. We had a group campground at Fanshawe Conservation Area.

Heathers sisters husbands family have an annual camping trip to London that we crashed :) Thanks so much everyone for allowing us to join you and being so wonderful for not only allowing our girls to join in but also for encouraging them to join! They had so many crafts and activities for all the kids that we hardly saw our girls. They were:
Having fun running in the fields chasing groundhogs

Enjoying the water in the wading pool

Lifeguard Ed hard at work

Lots of Bocce ball tournaments

Which sometimes interupted the bowl a ball games
There were walks to the splash pad (water park)
And then lots of fun playing in the water.
Baby Brielle with Math, Nella, Ed, Aayla and Heather here :)

Nella, Heather and Aayla
Ed getting Sierra soaked

Sierra doing an excellent job of getting her face wet and NOT getting upset

Aren't Nella's eyes the prettiest eyes you have seen?

Heather and Nella

Aayla having way too much fun!

Snuggles with daddy

Aayla trying t decide if she should go back in or not

Matt and Brielle

enjoying bike rides

The thistles were abundant and beautiful and so were the bees. Ian and I are both really interested in learning more about bee keeping.

Working hard at wagon rides
Enjoying outdoor movie night and popcorn!

The girls even joined in with tye dying tshirts for the annual group photo.

Andrea and baby Brielle

Aayla pushing Mattea as Horxey Sierra runs alongside them.
They played horses and puppies all weekend.
We all had a great time camping with old friends and making new ones. Thanks again everyone for making us all feel so welcome.

We are back at Wasaga Beach now and are looking forward to Canada's Wonderland on Saturday.
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