Sunday, August 21, 2011

Driving through Wyoming hills and Cody

We left Cabelas and headed towards Yellowstone. As we entered into Wyoming I was pleasantly surprised with seeing a few red hills. I fell in love with the red earth in Sedona...there is something so magical about it.

We drove 654KM's today and had to pull over early today as Sierra was feeling sick. We had hoped to make it to the Shoshone National Forest to camp for the night but instead stopped in Cody at the Walmart. We had lots of RV company as there were at least a dozen others parked when we arrived.

While in Cody we learned there is a nightly rodeo.

It would have been fun to go to but Sierra wasn't feeling the greatest and the rodeo didn't start until 8pm which is bedtime so we weren't able to go but if you are travelling through Wyoming then this not so little town of Cody looked quite interesting :)
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