Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A day at Ontario's Science Centre

We were supposed to go to Canada's Wonerland again with Uncle Jay and Auntie Liz today but it was raining so hard we had to venture farther downtown to the Science Centre instead and we had a great time!

Auntie Liz and Sierra trying to decide where to go next 

Aayla is quite happy to just play in the water play area

Yeah Wedgits...these are so much fun

Aayla's wedgit tower

Discovering clouds with daddy

Sierra loves the piano lately :) 
At first glance Sierra was a bit scared (see below) but within seconds she decided to show it who was boss!

Auntie Liz and Sierra taking a quiz

Aayla enjoying the listening centres...even though
 she usually had the button on french!

Trying to make a tornado

Sierra loving Auntie Liz

Ian taking a minute to finalize the deal for
our first Ontario rental :)

Making more music 

Uncle Jay tries to untangle the sound table

I need one of these at home...Sierra could have
 stayed here for hours chasing the fish as
they swam around the light pond

Aayla riding her Avitar
Thanks for suggesting the Science Centre Liz we all had a great day!

FYI our first Ontario rental is almost finalized...just the inspection and if all is good it will be ours on Aug 30th. We will be heading back to BC on Wednesday or Thursday. I will take care of our September 1st tenant change in BC and Ian will fly back here to take care of the new property (hopefully properties if all goes well with the second property we are looking at). The 1st property has 3 bedrooms up with a basement area we will rent the rooms to students as it is very close to Georgian College.
The outside...about 7 years old

It is all open concept. This is the living area

Kitchen area

Dining Area

3 bedrooms up

Backyard with a nice patio and a small garden area where I am taking the photo
 We will furnish the downstairs and rent it out to students.

The entrance and outside area for the students
We are quite excited. We like the other rental we are looking at too. (I didn't have the camera that day so no pictures to show you) It's older and needs a bit of work but it is a larger home with 4 bedrooms up and a 3 bedroom suite downstairs and they are both fully rented for a year at least. It's been a lot of running around and trips back and forth to dad's every night but we are happy with what we have found.
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