Thursday, March 10, 2011


I say I like photography but really I like taking pictures. I know little or rather nothing about the capabilities of my camera or how to use many of the features, but rather focus on the content and the composition, and let editing do the rest!

What I like about photography is the hunt...

having that Eagle fly above you at just the right moment
the abilty to see animals in their natural habitats,

Capturing a special moment between sisters
looking for the little details.

Do you go the extra mile to get a good shot? My weakness is bears...I love them and living in British Columbia we see them every so often on our trips.

My first time we saw a bear on the trail was when we were camping near Harrison Lake in 1998. We had friends with us and he said, "I wish we would see a bear". I said, " all my trips I have never seen one". We literally drove around a corner and there in the middle of the road was a bear! I swear this to be the truth. It was the first time I saw a bear and I was amazed at seeing the bear, and at the whole situation.

This was before my digital days began so sorry no shot to upload and even if it were on digital there wouldn't be much to see as it quickly ran off the road and into the safety of the woods...and what do I do? Yup...I jump out of the truck to try to get a better pictures, but no luck he was gone in a flash. However from this a bad habit emerged...that's right...much to my husbands annoyance I am always jumping out of the truck and carefully getting as close as I can...all in the name of a decent picture :)

My next bear was while we were driving home from Penticton in 2001 I think and he was grazing on the side of the road. Again not during my digital days, but I did jump out again to try to get closer.

We saw a few more throughout the years, next was while we were on a bus tour in Alaska in May 2007. The bus stopped and we were so close to a young bear eating the new shoots on the bushes at the side of the road. I tried to jump out but the bus driver wouldn't let me. I was heart broken...instead I got a few crummy shots through the glass...oh they could have been amazing!

My last bear sighting was in August 2009 on a drive to Tofino. This guy was sauntering along, grabbing a bite to eat every few paces. As close as I got I am not terribly thrilled with the images I captured, but the memory will last a lifetime!

Now as we are getting prepared for our trip this summer it is time to buy a new lens. Not to capture bears probably but I am sure there will be lots of wildlife and the scenery... oh I can barely wait for the scenery!

I have one of the first Canon Rebel Digital SLR's with an 18-55mm lens I rarely use as I hate switching lens so I use my point and shoot for close up macro pictures. The lens I use most of the time is my 55-200mm but it just doesn't quite cut it. I need an all around, do all lens with a much greater zoom. Afterall we will be having some amazing travels this summer through the Grand Canyon, and the Everglades and so much more...I can't wait to start clicking away :)

What camera do you use? Do you like it? Recommend it? Do you use it to it's fullest capabilities? No matter what you have, it doesn't do you any good in your pocket or your purse so pull it out and put it to use. I hope to take a gazillion pictures this summer...thank oodness for digital as I have a habit of clicking off 600-700 pictures on a long weekend camping trip so imagine what a trip of 140 nights could add up to!!

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