Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Camping or RVing???

Tonight I was reading a post on the Forest River Owners Forum about what we call it...camping or RVing and it got me thinking...

Now that we have a travel trailer are we now RVing or are we camping still? Perhaps they are the same things, just worded differently? Maybe you are RVing when you are in a motor-home? but what if you are on BLM land in the US or a Forest Service Road in Canada? Are you still RVing because you are in a motor-home or are you camping because you are off the grid? Is it what you are in, where you park or whether or not you use electricity, solar or a generator? Is there a difference or just a preference?

As a child I tented with my family. As an adult I started off tenting but then traded in the tent for a camper, and have now traded in the camper for a trailer, but I still call our trailer "the camper".

We used to think people in trailers weren't really camping and now find ourselves in one.

Will what we "do"really change? I don't think so.

We are still going to enjoy being out in Nature, going on walks and hikes,
searching for wildlife and taking photos,
catching dinner
roasting marshmellows..(yes a campfire is a BIG part of camping for us and during fire-bans the propane fire works but it really isn't the same),
looking up at the stars on a pitch black night...does it really matter if we sleep in a tent, or a camper or a trailer, or a motor-home?

Or even in daddies arms after an exhausting day full of fun?

I don't think so. For us...we are still camping, in a trailer we call a camper, and being as close to nature as we can even if we have all the features of home in our home on wheels. (I can admit I don't miss packing up a drenched tent, with soaking, crying kids, and yes we will still be plugged in at times to DVD players and iphones and computers)

BUT we will be LIVING LIFE,
and not letting it pass us by!

We will be having fun
enjoying our natural surroundings
learning and expanding our knowledge as we soak in as many natural wonders as we can.

What do you think? Are you RVing in a trailer or camping? No right or wrong, just opinions and I am curious as to what you think.

Welcome wishes going out to Marty! Thanks for following us on our journey... and may you enjoy your journey along the way!

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