Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cape Disappointment State Park, and Oregon daytrip (Trial trip part 2)

After our late lunch at Sylvia Lake State Park we headed off in a hurry to get to Cape Disappointment State Park before dark. We have never been to that park so we weren't sure what to expect and wanted to have a bit of light upon arrival. We made it right at dusk, just in the nick of time.

Before continuing I'd like to apologize for the length of this post. We spent 4 days here and there are many pictures :) Also I'd like to Thank Ania as most of the pictures that I am in are from her. Quite often we go on adventures and come home and realize I never stepped out from behind the camera so...Thank you Ania for proving I was actually there ;)

The next morning since it was pouring we ventured out in our raingear and headed straight for the beach.

Ian and I enjoying the wet, rainy morning at the beach

Ian checking out an old ship that washed ashore. We spoke to another camper who said that last year the beach was about 20' longer and in the period of 1 year had eroded about 20'! As well last year the sand was brown and this year due to the erosion, the sand has turned black...from the eroded soil change.


Aayla at home in the wet mud loving girl!

A coast guard ship which we think was practicing on the waves as about 7 ships went by all but 1 zooming along on the top of the waves and below a MUD Party!

And all was fun until Aayla got some sand in her eyes and then rubbed them with her muddy mitten...not so much fun!

Ian pointing out the caves at the base of the cliffs.

Then we are off for a hike to the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse. There is also a Lewis and Clark Interpretive Centre nearby but our little ones were tired after their hike and we skipped it.

Some ferns and moss growing along the trail. The rain makes everything so lush and green.

I am a sucker for fungi...I can't help but stop for a picture.

Aayla getting a ride from daddy as we near an old bunker which the kids had a blast playing in and then almost to the lighthouse.

The view of the interpretive centre from the lighthouse

The kids exploring the lighthouse and they were VERY disappointed that they couldn't go in. After our walk our tired kiddo's needed a nap so we took a drive to Astoria in Oregon and passed over this just over 6 KM (4mile) bridge.

We took a brief drive as far as Seaside. We were supposed to leave the next day but we decided to stay 2 more days so we could hopefully get some sun at our beach and maybe take another trip to Seaside. On our way home from Seaside we saw some deer enjoying some fresh new grass.

On our way back to Seaside this morning. This road is the entrance to the park but the way the moss grows on all the branches is so magical.

My tree monkey...Sierra became quite good at climbing trees

Aayla couldn't climb at first so she bounced on some low limbs but with some persistence she found some trees she could climb.

Finally a sunny morning to snap a few pics before heading back to Seaside.

Sierra can be such a cutie pie. She hates having her picture taken but today I got quite a few wonderful shots of her beautiful smile!

Sierra, Max and Aayla, after about 20 shots of trying to get them to pose, this is as good as it gets :)

Helping Sierra to straighten out her sock and dump out some sand.

We are now back in Seaside to enjoy the sun for a short bit before the clouds and the rain move in. We had a great time at this Seaside Beach.

I love the dunes and all the grasses.

Time for some serious sand castle building

Daddy and Aayla watching the waves.

Aayla decides to join in the fun

Sierra and her Mermaid kingdom

Aayla climbing the dunes (I am looking forward to White Sands National Monument this summer...the dunes should be soooooo much fun!)

Daddy playing with his new chainsaw we got at Costco in Astoria.

Max proud of his treasure

Aayla getting a piggy back ride from mommy. Her little legs can only go so far! She does great though!

Mountain climbers

Daddy helping Aayla to climb up and explore the driftwood graveyard at the end of the beach.

Aayla finds a ladybug

Sierra finds a beach bench. She was determined to carry it all the way back to the campsite...and almost did but daddy rescued her as she was looking pretty tired.

We decided the campfire wood in Washington is expensive and barely burns. We got some old pallets and we've been cutting them up for the campfires at night to add some heat to the fire. I swear whatever they sell around here for firewood would be good to build a house out of as it takes forever to burn! During the day today they enjoyed a propane fire as I hid inside to work on photos for a bit as I took over 1000 this week!

The sunset tonight was the best so far. The pictures just do not do it justice. The colours were so vivid and pretty.

Our little raccoon friend

One last visit to the beach before we head out on our way to Seaquest State Park and Mt St Helens. See Trial trip post #3 coming tomorrow

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