Thursday, June 9, 2016

Moving into June...

When we were in Florida this winter we were given a card with a camping discount for Carefree Resorts. Most of these resorts are in Florida but there just happens to be a few in Ontario. So for the month of June we booked their special for $200 ($218.66 CAD) at their Craigleith Carefree location. I mean how could we pass that up??? We chose this location as it was the closest to our old home and therefore closest to friends and appointments.

Being here allowed us to have many visits with friends.

We spent a lot of time this first week at the river in front of our site.

 We even spotted some mermaids...

 Aayla made a very good friend and played with her a lot this week.

 We had other friends visit too...

A great first week here but now we are off to Jellystone for Sierras birthday! We will be back.

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