Monday, June 13, 2016

Jellystone Toronto for Sierra's 10th Birthday

We have a reservation at Craigleith Carefree for the month of June but we took a few days away to celebrate Sierras 10th birthday. We loved our time at Madison Jellystone in Florida this winter, so we thought we would give our local Toronto Jellystone a try.

Our friends camped beside us in a companion site for the weekend (see our old trailer in the background above) and Sierras cousin joined us as well. Nana came for a couple days too.

When we first arrived the girls could barely wait to get the trailer set up. They wanted to jump straight in the pool.

After swimming we played some Mini Golf.

My favourite part of the whole birthday camping experience was our first morning at Jellystone. Yogi Bear must have just risen from hibernation as he was so energetic, fun and mischievous.

After Yogi posed for a couple pictures he spotted the scooter and that is when the shenanigans began.

 He tried to jump in the jeep but just as he was about too Ian opened the trailer door and it must have scared Yogi as he jumped out very quickly.

And he ran right over to Ian and hugged him as if to say sorry.

Then it was time to Hula Hoop!

 After all that running around he was tired so he stole Nanas chair for a rest.

 Bye Yogi! Thanks for making our first morning here super fun!

 Saturday was birthday party day.
Birthday nails
 We made Tie Dye T-Shirts and picture frames.

 Yogi came for a visit but he must have stolen too many "pic-a-nik" baskets earlier in the day as he was moving kind of slow. After the fun we had the other morning it was a let down that he came, took a picture and went. Sierra asked me why he didn't do any pranks so I just said he was sleepy. The shenanigans at the party would have been amazing!
 Then it was off to the pool time...
And Slip n slide fun time for those who didn't want to swim long...
 And presents...

And cake...

 And out door games...

For some evening fun I found these glow in the dark balloons which were a big hit!

We are Yogi Club members so they sent Sierra a birthday card in the mail and it entitles her to a gift from the treat box.

 Making her pillow after the party was done.
 I think she had a pretty fun time. Ian also rented some pedal cars for them but by the time I finished the dishes they gave up on pedalling them and took them back so no pictures!

The website stated that they had new jump pads coming for 2016 but all their extra activities and movie night, only run in July and Aug. No other activities were available which was a bit disappointing since we had so much fun at the Madison Florida location in April but we made due.

Happy Double Digits Sierra! We LoVe you!
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