Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Evacuation practice

Sierra has been asking lots of questions about what will happen if we (me and Ian) die in a fire. She wants to know who she will live with. Pretty serious questions for a 5 year old (on a less serious note, but yet funny...she wants to live with some one who will let her have a kitty).

With her questions about us possibly dying in a fire we decided it was time to practice an evaction plan for the travel trailer in case of an emergency. We had never really thought of doing it before. We made plans to do it the next morning as it was getting late.

That night while Ian and I were sitting out by the fire Aayla woke up crying. We went to the trailer door to go in to see what was wrong but couldn't get in...Aayla locked the door as she tried to open it (don't worry it's NOT a fire).

We told her to go wake up Sierra. She didn't have any luck trying to do that as Sierra sleeps on a top bunk. Luckily Sierra left her window open and Ian liften me up so I could reach in and shake her leg to try to wake her...but no luck. I shook her leg a bit harder and yelled "Emergency" and she sat right up.

Sierra was able to wake up when she heard it was an emergency and came to unlock the door to let us in. It wasn't a huge emergency but we were proud of her that as soon as she heard emergency she woke right up and sprang into action.

First thing in the morning we put our new evacuation plan into action. The girls had to lie in their beds and pretend to be asleep. When they heard emergency they had to get to the living room window as fast as they could. Sierra was then repsponsible to open open up the window and help Aayla get out first by helping to hold her hands as she slid to the ground. Next she had to get herself out and go find an adult.

They are both monkeys and thought it was fun to preform the practice a few times. This is something we will continue to do on a regular basis because you just never know...

Do you practice emergency evacuation procedures with your kids while travelling?
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