Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Enjoying our days at Nicholston Dam RV Park

We have settled into Nicholston Dam RV Park in Alliston where we will stay until June 1st. I will do an actual review later but I wanted to share with you some of the natural wonders we have been enjoying at this park.

There is a family of baby Canada Geese who we see almost every day. It's amazing in less then 2 weeks how much they have grown.

We woke up one morning in the middle of a butterfly garden (see more butterfly pictures HERE).

We've watched many fish jumping in the river...however I was not quick enough to get a good picture! We haven't tried our luck in fishing here yet.
We did go to the Orillia Perch Festival where Sierra became quite the little fishermen!

The girls have enjoyed singin' in the rain...take note of the tree in the background where Sierra is singin' in the rain...then see the next photo. When the rain stopped the river rose about 3 feet!

With all the rain, the buds are all branching out...
 And the birds are busy flying around and singing when the sun comes out.

Baltimore Oriel and their nest

A little Robins egg we found on the ground :(

a sweet little goldfinch right outside our window
The bees are buzy buzzing.

So far we are quite impressed at this park with all the space we have.

We got a spring early bird rate for booking the space before they opened. We've had most of the park to ourselves as there are only a couple other campers here right now but the sites are large for the most part, the river runs directly behind us and the large trees make it a beautiful setting to relax and enjoy.

Life is good!

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