Sunday, July 10, 2016

Our Canada Day Week in Dwight, Ontario

We left Carefree a little before the end of the month so we would be at Algonquin Trails for the long weekend. Not because of any major celebrations, just because we wanted to avoid the long weekend traffic heading up the 400.

We have heard a few stories of leaky axle seals on rigs like ours. Since we are headed out for the winter this fall and have a long driving route planned we wanted to be sure we were good. Lippert was great when Ian talked to them. They sent us the seals so we could check to be on the preventative side. They didn't want us driving and worrying and wondering...they wanted us to have peace of mind. Fountain Tire checked it all out and they were fine. After openeing it all up though, new seals have to go back in.

We toured around Huntsville while they fixed it and had lunch at the Boston Pizza on the waterfront. What a gorgeous area!
We went back to Fountain Tire when it was all done and then headed to Algonquin Trails Camping Resort. I'm not sure I would call it a resort but it was a beautiful wilderness property.
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As usual the kids headed straight to the swimming pool. This pool is advertised as a headed pool but that is a little misleading. Because the pool has plastic like a greenhouse all around it, it heats up like a sauna inside and the hot air heats the pool. The temperature IN the pool was a constant 68 while we were there. The owner was doing some welding work around the base of the walls to fix supports while we were there but he really needs to fix some of the broken plastic walls. It looked very run down. There also was no seating inside the pool area except for a small bench. Everyone always sat and watched from outside the pool.
 The playground was quite old too so the girls spent more time exploring here.

Sierra became quick friends with the owners son as they both love catching frogs, and toads and all critters. 
Can you spot the snake? Yes they did catch him for a bit!

This toad was a very fast hopper

But in the end no match for sierra

One morning we were so surprised to see a turtle walking through our campsite. Simon, the owners son put him in the little pond up by their house.


 We spent a couple days at Dwight Beach. It was about a 5 minute drive from the campground. A very nice little local beach. We spent our time here swimming and fishing. Simon joined us on one day.

Sierra was the queen of catching fish this day. She reeled them in like crazy, let them go...over and over.

Aayla tried and tried and tried to catch a fish...

She was persistent. Day after day, determined. She sat and sat and sat trying. Eventually she did but by the time I got close to her to take a picture, the fish had been released.

The fishing dock at Dwight Beach

At the campground we biked around, including the old unused back portion of the park. Half the park isn't even used and is all overgrown. 

There was a huge storm one night and the next day my little puddle jumper was spotted jumping in every puddle she could find.

 I spent some time walking the trails here...or rather trying to find the trails here. There was no map and they were all over grown.

The beginning of the got worse
I did find this old trail map somewhere along the trail.


Dark Fishfly
 I always love finding British Soldiers and Pixie Cups!

 I even spotted a monkey in the trees one day.
 We had many campfires here and with campfires comes s'mores and fire wands!

The girls made many friends here...who said living on the road would mean our kids would be unsocialised??? My girls meet and interact with way more people living on the road then they did when we lived in a regular house. A wonderful benefit of full time travel.

 Despite the campground not being a "Resort" it was a wonderful Rustic campground. It was very peaceful and serene and we enjoyed our time here a lot. If you are looking for a Disney vacation type resort this is definitely not the place for you. We love wilderness camping so we felt right at home!

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