Monday, May 30, 2016

Back in Ontario

Our first month back in Ontario we were parked at our old neighbours in their driveway. We weren't sure we would fit up their driveway but we made it.
And had a nice little snug spot in their yard.
It was a little weird to be parked right next door to our old house but even though it was only 4 months ago it felt like a life time ago. It's amazing how fast life changes in such short periods of time. I loved travelling so much I didn't and don't miss the old house at all. The river view is hard sometimes but when you move and park all over and your back yard changes daily or weekly there really is no need to have the same view day in and day out.

This first month back has been full of many Dr's and specialist appointments. Also getting back to gymnastics, circus class and starting rock climbing.

We have caught up with old homeschool friends and had some nice nature walks.

We had a Homeschool Group trip to Ripleys Aquarium.
We have scored season 1 Shopkins from Walmart.
We got a new dog...well OK not a real dog but a new puppy from Ikea along with some things for the new rig.
 We have had many afternoons at the playground.

It's been a busy first month back in Ontario.
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