Friday, January 17, 2014

Space saving RV storage ideas

Looking for space saving ideas for your RV? Click on the picture below to check out 44 brilliant space saving storage solutions for your RV/Camper.

Here are some of my own favourites I've found that weren't included above but I think they are worth a mention:

Storage space under chair seats
Found HERE
Love this CD rack turned sideways to hold bathroom essentials.
Found HERE
Storage solutions with command products. This post uses them for spices, remotes, pens and more.
Found HERE
I love the suitcase used for storage...but the link was broken so I am not sure where it came from.
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First aid kit in a small organizer box. I've also seen these containers used for battery storage or easy access craft supplies for kids.
Found HERE
 Space saving closet organization.
Also you can use shower rings on a hanger to hold hats, belts and scarves.
Found HERE
Memo center inside cupboard door
Found HERE
Create around the bed storage
Found HERE
 Using square containers instead of original food containers saves lots of space
and they are much easier to access.
Found HERE
What is your best RV space saving tip?

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