Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pinterest plus RVing :)

I just read THIS post on Rick & Paulette's RV Travels about using

for RV'ing and I just had to share it! In between cleaning and sorting and preparing to sell our house I have been totally addicted to Pinterest. I how ever have only used it for craft items, recipes, earthship ideas, things for the home, natural living etc and never even thought of the RV possibilities.

How many countless blogs do I follow? How often do I loose a blog post that was very informative, or a great camping review, or a place you read about on a blog and want to go there next time you are in that area? I loose ideas all the time and Pinterest is a great way to save all those ideas and know how to easily find them again.

I highly recommend you go read Ricks post if you aren't familiar with Pinterest...but beware...pinning is addictive!

I quickly went and made new pinboards HERE and pinned all my campsite and boondocking reviews from our 4 month trip last summer and can see many more pinboards being added soon :)
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