Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Fun at home in BC

Back home to reality and the selling off of stuff continues...I do hope to have my living room back for Christmas.

The rain has arrived and the evenings are cooling off so painting has slowed to a minimum...everything is basically painted except for the gutters and eaves troughs. We are looking into a couple quotes to replace them...if not they might not get painted until the spring as we have almost finished the front but the other 3 sides are still blue! The door will have to be painted too but should we do it a yellow or a red???

We have managed to get out and enjoy our beautiful province a bit...

We went to Richmond Nature Park and was thrilled to find these amazing Muscaria Mushrooms. I have searched for them every fall for years and have never been lucky enough to find them. This week I scored and knocked them off my wishlist of things I want to photograph someday!

We also went to the pumpkin patch and collected some pumpkins.

Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful roast dinner here with family as Ian's mom arrived from Toronto this week for a visit and today of course we celebrated Halloween!

Hoping you all had a safe and Happy Halloween!!!
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